I should have known it always comes back to Michael, doesn’t it.
What he deserves, what’s best for him.
When are you going to give a damn about me?

Morgan was wrong; but this shit WAS good

JOHNNY: You said this place had bad memories for you. Come on, let’s go for another swim.
LULU: No, maybe what I need to do is replace the bad memories with some good ones.

“Haley was my little angel. She got me through everything and told me how things worked. I didn’t even know the different ways you could get coffee. They have an intercom in your room that yells out numbers, and basically you just have to listen for your numbers. If you miss your numbers, you are in trouble!”
                  — Tequan Richmond (x)

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I don’t get how Ste gets bail when he already warned that any more trouble with the law he will end up in jail. They don’t even request for him to do any counseling?



You do not show a police officer telling a rape victim that they ‘probably made it up’

Former Hollyoaks Stars to Appear in EastEnders!



Two former Hollyoaks actors will be appearing in EastEnders over the coming weeks.

Amy Downham, who played teacher Jen Gilmore, will appear in Monday’s episode (14th April) as ‘Margaret Cowie’.

Glen Wallace (Malachy Fisher) will appear as ‘DS Bryant’, who will be investigating the death of a major character. He’ll make his first appearance during the episode airing on Monday 21st April and is set to appear in several more episodes over the coming weeks.


Joe recovered from that several month coma pretty quick, didn’t he? 


They are NOT shocked enough

Lindsey looks like she’s just seen an old college friend she though moved away and Freddie looks like he, well, like he didn’t just see his fucking brother back from the dead.


Fuck these assholes and fuck this dumbass show 2/10 I need a drink.

…and still it was a more shocking reaction than SURPRISE ALIVE Victor got on OLTL 2.0


Diane: “he got involve with drugs darren. how can I trust someone who is hiding that from me”

me: Yea, like your psychotic daughter who is with a gangster and your rapist son.



leah is better than like 95% of the characters on this show

Hands up if you have lost all complete respect for Freddie Roscoe